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Howdy! My name is Adrian Herrera, and I am a first-generation student from Kilgore, Texas, currently attending Texas A&M University. After completing my first year, I have made the exciting decision to pursue a major in Computer Science. My passion for this field stems from my obsession with creating software that enhances the daily lives of individuals. I have had the honor, priviledge and blessing to be a part of TAMU SHPE, which has played a significant role in my personal and academic growth. Through this organization, I have been fortunate enough to form lifelong friendships with like minded peers.


SHPE National Convention

I was one of three freshmen selected to attend the SHPE National Convention from Texas A&M. This convention was a fantastic experience that offered various events and workshops, greatly enhancing my professional growth. I competed in a cybersecurity competition with four teammates and also had the chance to network with professionals and students from across the country at the career fair.

TAMU SHPE Internal Affairs

In the SHPE chapter at Texas A&M, we have various committees that handle different tasks and responsibilities for our members. I am actively involved in the Internal Affairs committee, where we organize, set up, and execute social, volunteering, and athletic events. I had the opportunity to serve as the soccer coach for Lonestar, a tournament involving SHPE chapters from other schools, as well as for our men's soccer team.

Recruitment Lead

Among other applicants, I was selected by the Director of Internal Affairs and the Director of Public Relations to be the Recruitment Lead for the 2023-2024 academic school year. As the Recruitment Lead, my responsibilities will include recruiting new members to our organization, improving our retention rate, and enhancing participation during social events.



Portolio Website

Utilized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create my portfolio website, showcasing my personal projects and involvements.